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            Baseball Team Starts to Put Pieces Together

            The Warren Central baseball team has been like an old puzzle in your attic the past couple years. The corners always frayed, a little dusty in spots, and always a couple pieces missing that keep the whole picture from ever being complete.

            However, the puzzle is starting to come together.

            The warriors are starting to prove a doubt that has lingered over the head of this program for years: Are they any good?

            Are they any good? Honestly, it’s only the second week of their season so it’s a little soon to ask, however, they are playing unlike previous years. They are energetic, fun, confident, and are playing with a newfound heart that is pretty obvious to any bystander at these games. And you want to know the best part? They are winning.

            They kicked off their season with an upset over Brebeuf Jesuit, a team which has always dominated the Warriors in high scoring games. Although it was the first game of the season, it showed the future of this team.

            It showed what they could become and how high their ceiling was. For all who attended, this game marked something the baseball program has failed to do in the past years and that is play hard and disciplined for seven innings, and more importantly: find a way to win.

            Since this game, the Warriors have been up and down, but are continuously growing and beating good teams. There are glimpses of the old, less polished team, which showed up in MIC losses to Pike last week and MIC loss Tuesday night to Lawrence Central. Both very winnable games for this team, but both lost on errors and a lack of focus.

            However, again unlike previous teams, they are proving each day the teams maturity. They have yet to lose two games in a row, and in their back-to-back games have yet to lose to the same team twice. They are picking up wins against Lawrence North and Pike and are making those wins look easy.

            Credit could be given to a lot of people in this sudden change of momentum for this program, but for someone who has watched this program for three years now, there is one person who comes to mind that deserves a lot of the credit.

            That is head coach David Seibel.

            He resurrected a dying program and turned it into a team that can hold their heads high after every game. This team just simply looks different on the field. Yes, they are in the same black and gold, and it is relatively the same players, but it’s different. They play together and pick each other up, and for the first time in it seems like years, they are having fun. Seibel has done this. He had several clinics and coaches come out to talk to this team over the offseason to help them become not only physically tough, but mentally. Whatever method he has, it seems to be working.

            Though all this talk is fun, and it’s fun to compliment the baseball team, they still have an entire season to go and an entire season to make mistakes. But, it sure is fun thinking of all the possibilities for this team, isn’t it?

            A winning season? Sectional championships? Man, the ceiling is high for this team, and it seems like this once broken puzzle is starting to come together and it looks a lot like a winner.

            JUNIOR JORDAN HIDLEBURG slides back to base to avoid the tag-out at first in a conference matchup against Lawrence Central. The team went on to lose this game 11-1.

                                                                        Photo By Taylor Baker