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            Athletic Staff

               Athletic Office Staff

            Marques Clayton
            District Director of Athletics & Community Relations
            317-869-4676 – office

            Jayson West
            Assistant Director of Athletics, Sports Performance & Youth League Programming
            Boys Sports Scheduling
            Varsity Head Football Coach
            317-869-4670 – office

            Susan Downey
            Athletics Administrator & Athletic Facility Lead Coordinator
            Girls Sports Scheduling
            317-869-4677 – office

            Randy Johnson (Photo Not Available)
            Facilities Manager
            Transportation, Facility Use
            317-869-4674 - office

            Jordan Feltner
            Secretary to the Athletic Director
            Finances, Adidas
            317-869-4672 -Office

            Tiffani Coleman-Talley
            Athletic Secretary & Event Coordinator
            Rosters, Confirmations, Awards
            317-869-4671 – office

            Dave Fleming
            Event Coordinator
            Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Swim, Baseball

            Jenna Burns
            Event Coordinator
            Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Swim, Softball, Lacrosse

            Corey Clark (Photo Not Available)
            Event Coordinator
            Football, Basketball, Softball, Lacrosse

               Fall Varsity Coaches

            Football Cheerleading
            Jessica Thomas

            Cross Country, Boys
            Sean O'Brien

            Cross Country, Girls
            Brian Miller

            Jayson West

            Golf, Girls
            Robert Seibel

            Soccer, Boys
            Nick Magdalinos

            Soccer, Girls
            Courtney Burchett

            Tennis, Boys
            Jason Wagner

            Kelli Marchello

               Winter Varsity Coaches

            Basketball, Boys
            Criss Beyers

            Basketball, Girls  
            Stacy Mitchell

            Basketball Cheerleading
            Jessica Thomas

            Swimming. Boys & Girls
            John Sincroft

            Jim Tonte

               Spring Varsity Coaches

            Emmitt Carney

            Golf, Girls
            Robert Seibel

             Lacrosse, Girls
            Gary Roberts

            Chris Norwood

            Tennis, Girls
            Jason Wagner

            Track, Boys
            Eric Smith

            Track , Girls
            Le'gretta Smith