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Hello Everyone,

I hope that you're all enjoying the summer and are happy that we will not be out practicing in the 90+ heat this week.


If you're driving, you can't be messing with your phone, and, starting Thursday this week you need to wear a mask when you're away from home. (Hopefully you already are.) Wearing a mask doesn't mean you're living in fear, it means that you have chosen not to live in stupidity.  This pandemic is not going to last forever, but it's going to be affecting us for a while longer. How long has a lot to do with what we choose to do.

Return to Lacrosse:

As we are a long long way from playing games, there's no rush to get back out there. The first couple of weeks will be very trying for our trainers, fall sport coaches and athletes. There's no reason for us to add to the numbers at this moment. It is my plan for us to get together for some practices stating the week of July 20.

As you probably know by now, we are expecting to start school on July 29. I'm hopeful that we can do something with our seniors sometime that week.

Before we are able to start there is quite a bit that you need to do. We are not able to allow you to participate until you have completed a couple of steps.

The first is for your parents to open an account in Final Forms.

That is the new program where most of the paperwork will be stored. After your parents have an account, they will be able to register you. Whatever activities you plan to do, be sure that they check lacrosse as one of them. The second attachment gives pretty clear step-by-step instructions. You have to do that.

If your parents have registered you for a fall sport, be sure that they have also checked lacrosse. (So far we have 2 players on our Final Forms roster!)

The other thing we need is a paper copy of your health history update. This form can be found in your parent's Final Forms account.  Just print it out, sign it, and upload it in Final Forms.  The doctor part of your physical is good from last year, but you need to do this paperwork before you can play.

Continue to do safe things and I hope that we're together soon.